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At this page we present information about events related to marine mammals. If you have any information of this kind and wish share it with our audience, please let us know:
  • According to the information of Regnum Agency resident of Dikson village (Taimyr, Russia) killed 5 polar bears. The poacher was arrested by the law-enforcement authorities when he delivered bear skins in his garage. The procurator of Dikson region informed that since 2000 it is the first time when such a criminal case in poaching will be judged in the court.
  • October 11-17, 2004 the third Conference "Marine mammal of the Holarctic was held in Koktebel (Crimea, Ukraine). 173 specialists from Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Norway and Turkey participated in the Forum; 102 oral and 29 poster presentations were done.
    Basing on materials submitted by the conference participants the book was published: Marine Mammals of the Holarctic. 2004. Collection of Scientific Papers. Moscow, KMK. 609 pages.
  • In summer 2004 in Moscow Zoo beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) male died of chlorine.
  • A unique educational Center has been established on the base of Murmansk Research Oceanarium (Murmansk, northwestern Russia) to provide children with opportunity to study marine mammals. The Center has been organized by trainers and researchers of the Oceanarium with support of the Murmansk University of Pedagogics. Seventh-formers of the 8th Murmansk gymnasium will be the firsts who attend such kind of additional biological classes. After theoretical lessons children will take practice. In particular they will be taught how to communicate with mammals and get some lessons on animal training. School children also will make some research experiments. (October 2003)
  • 26 September 2003.Young (~3 year old; 4.3 m; 1400 kg) female killer whale was caught in Kamchatka waters (eastern Russia). This is the first case of capturing killer whales in Russia.
  • In August 2003 local fishermen found 17 white whales stranded on a shore of Khatanga Bay (the Laptev Sea, Russian Arctic). All the whales were died. Cause of death was not known. Found bodies were burned.

  • The XV Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals will be held 14-19 December 2003  in Greensboro, NC, USA. For details and further information visit the website
  • 14 November 2002. Limits of Total Allowed Catches of marine mammals in internal marine waters, territorial sea, on continental shelf of exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation, in the White and Caspian seas was signed by Prime Minister of the Russian Government (document)
  • The second international conference ôMarine mammals of Holarcticö was held on the base of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Listvyanka) on 11-13 September 2002. Press-release, Resolution
  • A request for CITES permission to export to China 2 killer whales caught near Sakhalin Island (the Sea of Okhotsk) was received in the  Russian Ministry of Natural Resources in summer. Such request can be issued only if animals are really caught.  However, according to recent information the whales were not caught. Being aware how difficult is to receive the permission, the catching enterprise falsified the request to get the permission first. Anyway, the Ministry has issued negative reply. We bet your pardon for posting wrong information.

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