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Marine Mammal Council (MMC) is nongovernmental, nonprofit fund. It was established on September 20, 1995 and registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice (reg.# 5292). At present the MMC numbers 84 members, most of them are active marine mammal researchers.

The MMC activity is aimed at facilitating study and protection of marine mammals.

Major goals:

  • Development of basic directions and programs for marine mammal research, protection and sustainable use.
  • Cooperation with domestic and internationals organizations working on marine mammals.
  • Support to specialists and organizations conducting marine mammal research.
  • Organization of conferences, meetings and symposia on problems of marine mammal study and protection.

Board of the MMC:

  • Professor Vyacheslav A. Zemski Chairman
  • Dr. Iya V. Smelova Chief executive
  • Dr. Vsevolod M. Belkovich
  • Dr. Vladimir N. Burkanov
  • Dr. Valeriy A. Vladimirov
  • Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Aleksey V. Yablokov



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